How much work is it to organise this event?

Window Wanderland is designed to be inclusive and accessible to everyone in the community and we are passionate about this. So the biggest part of  running the event is telling people about it.  If you live in a community where everyone reads the same noticeboard, telling everyone is easy; but you might live in an area which involves many different kinds of community engagement, and where getting to everyone is harder. To that end we provide you with a timetabled guide that will take you through the entire process allowing for maximum participation. We recommend a commitment of around 20 days part-time over a period of three/four months – obviously it’s even easier if you share those days with a team of people in the following roles:

  • Organiser 
  • Marketing/PR 
  • Social Media 
  • Schools Co-ordinator
  • Fundraising

Is there a charge to put on a Window Wanderland?
We want Window Wanderland to be as easy as possible to put on so that it can grow and spread happiness. We know how hard people like you work to make community events happen – however, we have basic overheads to cover so there is a small charge.

Every community is different and we celebrate that, therefore we take a flexible approach with our pricing. Some people will get funding whereas other communities might not get anything. So, here’s the deal. The total suggested fee is £400 but we only ask for a deposit of £100 and for that  you get our full toolkit and can make your own Window Wanderland. Then once the event has happened you “pay-what-you-can”: if you received no funding, you effectively get a Window Wanderland for £100; if you get funding, then we hope you will share a percentage with us to keep us viable, and able to offer the toolkit to other communities- we are working on trust and building communities!

What do you get from us?
We have worked very hard to create an easy to follow toolkit that we believe has value and gives you everything you need to put on this lovely event. It includes:

  • A comprehensive timeline of how to run a Wanderland.
  • A personalised event page on Window Wanderland website
  • An online map of your chosen area for the event, which displays and automatically updates when people sign up onto it
  • Template flyers for the event and printing advice
  • A library of ‘display ideas‘ to inspire makers
  • Marketing tips including promotion ideas and PR to engage your entire community
  • Advice about the best time to run it and choosing your area
  • Automatic information emails sent out to your participants as they sign-up
  • Personal email updates when people sign up to your event
  • Access to email database of your participants
  • Funding advice
  • Link to information for your participants on your event page
  • Powerpoint presentation templates
  • Health and Safety advice
  • Access to our social media and your own Facebook event page
  • A personalised photo album on the website of your event and photographic advice

How could you fund this?
Window Wanderland ticks many boxes for community grant funding as it is recognised as doing great things for the community. It is also a wonderful opportunity for local traders to show their support for the neighbourhood through sponsorship, with visibility on the flyers.

How do you fundraise for charity?
This is up to you; some areas use ‘just giving’, some have charity buckets…  Window Wanderland provides a great common focus enabling you to collect for a cause of your choice should you wish.

Why can’t we just make our own event?
Of course you can do your own, but we have good reasons for you to join us:

  • By using our toolkit you avoid re-inventing the wheel – it’s already made and laid out for you
  • Our marketing maximises participation so that it’s the best event it can be for neighbourhood connections.
  • We are a  great community to be part of! Connect to neighbourhoods in other areas, ping your images across the ‘insta-twitter-face’ and celebrate your area.

However, should you decide to go it alone we are trademarked – please do not reference our photos, website or use our name.

Why do it in Winter? Can it be another time of the year?
You can host a Wanderland whenever you want, it’s up to your community.



How do I sign up to make a display? Go to the ‘coming events’ page, find your area and you can sign up to take part there. You will get a conformation email when you do this from your local organiser.

How do I do a display?     A ‘display’ can literally be the curtains open and, for one night only, you are letting people look in. You could put your favourite box set on the TV and leave it running, fairy lights in the window, a photograph of someone important to you, a political statement, be as radical as you like. This an opportunity to do something different and anything goes so long as it’s child friendly. See our display ideas or look at our social media for inspiration.

I live in a flat above the ground floor, can I still use my windows? Absolutely, in fact the higher the windows the better the views from the street. ALL windows are included.

Do I have to give my address, can’t I just do a display on the night? Without your address on the map, people will not know to come and see your window. Though we welcome ‘rogue’ displays we would encourage you to sign up.

If I sign up will I get marketing emails forever more? No, your email will just be used to communicate with you about Window Wanderland, nothing else.

Can I make a display and go out on the trail?  We hope that you do!

Is there a theme?  This is up to your local organiser, so see the event page to check.

Will anyone come into my house?  No, this is an outdoor trail. People will have a map with participating houses and look in as they pass.

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